ALET21 - Simple steps are often the foundation of success.

ALET21 –11 years of experience implementing Health and Physical activity into the classroom to improve the academic learning environment in educational institutions. More than 3000 students have been successful with the concept.

Students target group: All groups of students are included. From the normal area to the autism spectrum.  From Primary school to Higher Secondary school to High school and the University.

At a time where electronics has taken over many of our daily hours and influenced us to less movement, it is important to inform widely about the benefits of an active learning environment.

We live in a time of history, where electronics and social media is a part of our daily life and this is also the prediction for the future. And we have not seen the end of this development.

Sedentary behavior patterns - inactivity - nonverbal communication- empathy – cognitive areas - brain training - coordination skills are some of the areas that we need to focus on and work with together with the students.


Information, knowledge, skills, recognition and action.


Learning by doing.

What I hear - I forget. What I see - I remember. What I do - I can.


ALET21 Self-esteem development, NEVER SAY NO, Maslow - Mc Cleland’s - Objective theory, 


ALET21 can give you a tailor made and school profiled Active Learning Environment.

It is a READY TO GO package, for all students and staff for a period of 2 school years.


My name is Jan Pedersen.

Founder of ALET21.

Elite youth tennis and handball player from 1982 - 1988

Elite adult handball player from 1988 - 2004

Elite trainer for youth handball 2002 - 2022

Developer of the Active Learning Environment since 2014

Profession: Teacher since 1996 in PE, English, History, Geography and IT

Eventmaker for Youth traning academy Haderslev and Talent classes Haderslev until 2022

Now 100% dedicated to implement - inform about ALET21

Growing up during the explosive development of technology, I have seen the influence of digitalisation. It is not only negative, far from. But we need to pay attention to the development of the young minds and the disconnection growing between the individual social development and kognitive skills. 

Teach and inform about possibilities for a life, less stressfull and more individual acceptable is more important than ever.

ALET21 provides students, staff, managements and institutions with tools to choose the positive areas of life.